Jour101 Profile: Carolyn Nowaczyk

by Hannah Klomp

‘Redfern Terrace’ by Carolyn Nowaczyk

Carolyn Nowaczyk is an artist, with creative sparks flying out of her with some of her skills abundant in drawing, design, photography and music. When speaking with people who knew of Nowaczyk, smiles quickly would cover ones face assuring me that this lady was in fact “extremely talented.”

Describing herself as “genuine, creative, inquisitive, hard-working and art-loving,” Nowaczyk provides a unique perspective into the art and design culture that is currently evolving in Wollongong.

Carolyn, who insisted me to call her “Caz” as many others call her, began her art journey quite young, telling me that she used to sit and draw all day and smiled as she told me the story about “claiming [her] father’s SLR camera” when she was 13 years old, hinting that her family had an influence in her interest in the arts.

Caz described her interest in design as being that she “fell” into it through her photography work and explained that she learn a lot of her work through hands on efforts.

“I had studied a creative photography course at TAFE and was cutting up my photographs, collaging them and then re-photographing them. I went for a job interview as a graphic design assistant and got the job through those photographs because they had a design feel. I learnt on the job and had to teach myself technologies and programs as they progressed. It wasn’t until years later that I did a Masters in Creative Arts (Graphic Design and New Media) at Uni of Wollongong. I got in based on the strength of my portfolio.”

Caz gives off a very relaxed and “free” vibe when seated with her and this feeling is also express within her artistic works especially that of her design based art. Her main style of art, she describes is “very design based coming from a graphic design background, but it also has a pop-art influence. I tend to use bold colours, illustration, abstraction and design.”

Not only is Nowacyzk an artist but she is also one of the creative halves of Wollongong’s Exposure Arts and Media Studio 19 in partnership with photographer Nina Kourea. Studio 19 has been open for almost a year now, beginning in January 2012 and is now used as an artist space with drawing, music, writing, modelling and painting completely infused into the studio’s “funky” atmosphere.

“We have developed a creative hub where people can come to ask for advice about their projects, meet other creative people and be nurtured to develop their projects. We are all about telling people they can develop their ideas.”

Caz is also a musician being the former lead singer of the band ‘Dreamgirl and the motorist,’  and when I asked to play some of her songs she gestured ‘Oh, no’ shyly but it wasn’t long when there was a free guitar available that Caz started gracefully picking some tunes on the guitar. Her interests, she says are inspired by the relaxed lifestyle that she lives in Wollongong and this “gives [her] energy to create.”

“The aesthetic of Wollongong is inspiring also – the steel works juxtaposed against a backdrop of the escarpment and sea is fantastic. Also, there is a huge creative community in Wollongong creating amazing art and that in itself is inspiring and exciting.”

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