Jour101 Post Four: The New “Buzz” in Wollongong Brightening Your Future ?

by Hannah Klomp

Hannah Klomp  | Mon, October 15 2012, 2:19 PM

Wollongong City Gallery | Photos taken by Hannah Klomp

WITH new art galleries, studios and design spaces opening in Wollongong City, it is inevitable that a new culture and atmosphere has emerged attracting more and more people into the city and according to John Monteleone, the gallery director at the Wollongong City Gallery, “has generated a broader sense of community as well as a more positive future for the city.”

Since January this year, art and design influenced shops and cafes within the Crown Street Mall such as Milk Thieves, Terrarium Gallery and Yours and Owls have become an important part of the local community where people of all ages have been able to utilize these spaces to interact with art and design as well as “attract alternative people into the city to continually turn [Wollongong] into a buzzing community.”

The council of Wollongong has also created a “buzz” in the city with its funding for the Wollongong City Gallery and also by the use of public art around the city. This public art is frequently distributed from local artists and their works are publicly displayed throughout Wollongong.

“There has also been talk about even more public art in the near future to be displayed within the city centre” Monteleone said.

With all this hype in the city, Monteleone questioned the ways that Wollongong can “stay alive” and emphasized his opinion that the city had great potential to grow and do great things in relation to this new culture emerging, with his comparison to the diverse and unique atmosphere in Sydney’s Newtown stating that “people go there regardless and that’s what we have to create in Wollongong.”

“It is really important that Wollongong differentiated itself from its surrounding areas and continues to provide access to artistic spaces including cafes, galleries and spaces, and by doing so they will feed off each other and this will create major growth in Wollongong”

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