Jour101 Post Three: Creative Arts, a necessary subject in schools?

by Hannah Klomp

Hannah Klomp | Sun, October 7, 2012, 11:10 PM

Photograph by the Wollongong Public School 2009

PARENTS and students from Wollongong Public School have conflicting views regarding the importance of the subject of art in primary education, and whether it is beneficial for a child’s learning experience.

Many of the parents and students agreed that there were many beneficial aspects of having creative arts as part of the learning experience in a child’s primary education but some questioned whether it was necessary to have creative arts as a subject.

“I think that Creative Arts is a significant subject in stimulating a child’s brain and learning experience, whether it is deciphering colours to creating different things with their hands, art is extremely beneficial in all learning experiences, even outside of the subject.. wait, no it is even extremely beneficial outside of the classroom!” said Julia Garbers, mother of two primary school aged children.

Creative arts is a subject that all students have a chance to participate in from the early stages of education prior to primary school right up to senior school where students are able to choose the subject of Creative Arts for further studies.

“Art is something we have always learnt. I don’t think there has to be a subject about it, it should just always be a part of the classroom I reckon,” said Caleb Garbers aged 11 who has an interest in drawing.

In the past year, the culture of Wollongong has been changing with an emphasis on art and design being a central focus of the diversity and cultural identity that the city has, and this has also been embraced in local schools around the area, including Wollongong Public School.