Jour101 Post One: Wollongong, a place for artists.

by Hannah Klomp

Hannah Klomp | Mon, October 1 2012, 2:25 PM

Milk Thieves Store | Photograph by Milk Thieves 2012

WHEN taking a walk around Wollongong City during the day, an individual is bombarded with all different kinds of sights but it is not hard to notice the strong sense of community that is abundant and alive within the town. Emma-Lee Crane, a freelance designer and owner of indie store, Milk Thieves, agreed that the community atmosphere in Wollongong really perpetuates the culture of art and design and is a great place for artists to be.

“We all help each other out here. If someone comes into my store, I let them know about the other art spaces, and [the other stores] do the same for me. It really helps everybody out” said Crane.

Crane, who used her hands excitedly to communicate, mentioned that her store, Milk Thieves which is situated in the Crown Street Central Chambers, supports local art and design with pieces in her store “ranging from works from stay at home mums to professional artist with some of the supplies coming directly from Wollongong.”

Milk Thieves, an indie store that embraces the “homemade revolution” invites many people from all different backgrounds to participate in the art and design culture in Wollongong, inviting people to not only use art in their everyday lives but as Crane mentioned “anybody can approach the store and asked to be featured.”

“I think this shop works really well in Wollongong and can only really exist here because it is not so competitive” stated Crane who compared her store to what she had seen in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Crane concluded, “I think the appreciation of art in Wollongong is evolving. Art is becoming something of purpose with more of a celebrating element of the usefulness, especially in my Milk Thieves where there are many one off pieces.”

For more information about Emma-Lee Crane and her store, Milk Thieves, check out this Link.