Jour101 Post Two: That “Funky Vibe’s” Got People Talking at Studio 19

by Hannah Klomp

Hannah Klomp | Wed, October 17 2012, 8:27 PM

Photograph taken by Exposure Arts and Media 2012

TUESDAY night’s in Wollongong have become much more entertaining since the Exposure Arts and Media opened Studio 19, with drawing sessions being run by creative minds Carolyn Nowaczyk and Nina Kourea, capturing the attention of local residents every second Tuesday night.

“Anything can happen at a Tuesday night drawing session! It really is dictated by the performer and the audience reaction and/or participation. We’ve had such a diverse range of performers modeling for us that each night is different from the others.” Nowaczyk said.

Studio 19 has a “somewhat funky vibe,” noted a local resident who had been attending the classes regularly.

The sessions are different to what a person might expect from a drawing session, with live models who have backgrounds in circus, theatre, dance, music and other disciplines held in a new urban studio space which results in an entertaining night no matter who the person.

We [have] created a unique work opportunity for those performers and a unique drawing experience for the creative community – and what a fun process it has been.” Nowaczyk said passionately.

“We’ve had circus performers who have held upside-down positions up on crates, hula-hoopers and musicians. These sessions feel incredibly special – we have an intimate performance and often hear stories from the performers that they wouldn’t normally tell at a large-scale gig, plus we get to ask them questions – all whilst drawing them and documenting the evening from a really special perspective.”

The unique atmosphere that is vibrant within these drawing sessions significantly push the communal feeling that is alive in Wollongong and a place where the arts and design can be celebrated and enjoyed.

The night runs from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM every second Tuesday night at Studio 19, situated in the Central Chambers above Hideaway Café , 157 Crown Street Wollongong. For further information and bookings to one of these great sessions, check out this link.

Photographs taken by Hannah Klomp