by Hannah Klomp


ARTISTS in the area of Wollongong have been recently encouraged to participate more actively in the art and design within their area with new galleries and studios opening at Wollongong’s Crown Street Mall this past month.

Many residents, including local young artist, Alexis Attard, believes that this initiative by the local council in opening these galleries and studios is something that not only encourages local artists to participate more in the art and design culture in Wollongong, but it is also extremely beneficial in creating community and unity in the local area.

“Having galleries in Wollongong means that we are bringing art and design to a more local and accessible level. When locals see an artwork, especially if it is from a local artist, it perhaps evokes something in them, a sense of belonging as if to think “Someone in my area has created this!” and there is a definite connection.”

The galleries and studios, such as The Terrarium and Studio 19 that have recently opened in the Central Chambers in Crown Street Mall have not only caused excitement on a local level, but will also emphasise the city’s international reputation regarding its excellence in the art and design culture.

“The studios give artists and designers a great opportunity to share their creations with the community, in a professional and presentable fashion. I can’t see why a chain reaction couldn’t start, having these art hubs in Wollongong will really be able to link the community as a whole, really showcasing the talent in Wollongong not only to locals but maybe even internationally, on an art spectrum!” Attard stated.

“We’ve got talent, imagination, and ability and together with the galleries, the people, other resources, we have a determination in the arts and design, with all that we, as a communication can only grow from here.”

Currently the Terrarium Gallery is open from 12 on Wednesday through to Saturday and Studio 19 hold drawing lessons every Tuesday at 6:30.

Terrarium Gallery:

Studio 19: