BCM112 Reflection

by Hannah Klomp

During my experiences writing and engaging with the blogs relating to the concepts of convergent media studies in BCM112, I believe I have been able to gain and develop different skills that would be extremely influential in engaging better with the cours. The blogs have also given me a platform which has enabled me to be a part of the participatory culture, as well as becoming a ‘prosumer.’

One of my best blog’s being, “I Got the Power,” I evaluated how the role of the audience has changed, and how the ‘prosumer’ has become a prevalent part of the online society. I also used a range of sources to understand the concept of citizen journalism, in a more in depth way which I became quite interested in. This overall made the quality of my learning much more influential and beneficial to my studies.

In week eight, I wrote a blog titled “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” which focused on how the audience has changed into a participatory culture, allowing for the new ‘remix culture’ to become a more significant aspect of today’s society. This particular blog was one of my best entries, as I significantly evaluated and was engaging with the subject matter, by writing a clear and focused discussion. Another justification of this blog is that I did my own research to further analyse what had been spoken about in the lecture, which also helped me to understand the concepts that had been discussed within the lecture, as well as the reading.

Another effective blog post which I wrote was “Citizen Journalism, in week nine because I conveyed the different issues surrounding citizen journalism, in both an objective and critical way that analysed the negative and positive impacts of this new phenomenon of citizen journalism. I also used a multiple of sources, which also validated and supported the information in which I was evaluating.

Overall, I think that the blog posts allowed me to create my own opinions about the concept of citizen, and participatory culture, which also helped me to engage and be productive, both within future lectures, as well as in the tutorials.