It is not nerdy to be a nerd!

by Hannah Klomp

The concept of ‘coolification’ (Raewyn Campbell 2012) has been rapidly growing nowadays, where the idea of the ‘nerd’ is becoming what is considered to be ‘cool.’ Nowadays, the style of the nerd is not only being advertised by more people including celebrities being bombarded in platforms such as magazines and on the internet but has also become a more accepted stereotype in the society today.

Due to technology and the way that media has been able to undergo convergence through the flow of content across multiple channels, the views and opinions surrounding the ‘nerd’ has significantly been altered. Technology today plays an extremely important role in the community, being that nearly everything is either controlled or associated with a form of technology, that, newsflash was created by these first nerds, once associated with negativity but now having a huge impact on not only our technological lives, but also in other areas such as with the ‘geek chic’ style and fashions.

Take a look at Steve Jobs, the creator of many Apple products such as the Mac computer, iPhone and the iPad, for example. He is a nerd and his net worth is about 7.8 billion dollars and is still rising. Also above this, Jobs is extremely famous that now people are aspiring and are increasingly inspired to be just like him.

Well, why has this change occurred? How did these once uncool, bullied and outkasts of society suddenly become the people that we are all aspiring to be? Money! While ‘jocks’ and other sorts in the 80s and 90s were teasing and ridiculing ‘nerds’ sitting behind computer screens, nerds were doing much more, and this has significantly influenced society much more today. These nerds were pushing forward their ideas both of and on the online community, collaborating with other nerds over the net to produce better computers, ipads, androids and many other products that we now take advantage of today. These nerds were creating something BIG, and as a result have become extremely rich and famous because of their smart and ‘nerdy’ ways.

It is now not nerdy to be a nerd.

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