Just don’t say it

by Hannah Klomp

‘I am so fat,’ ‘I need to work out more,’ ‘I shouldn’t eat that.’
We have all made these negative comments and sure enough have felt quite horrible as a result but have you ever really though about what they are doing to our mental state. I personally know that I use these words so many times during the day and they make me feel terrible about my own body image, but I have never really thought about what they did to my mental health nor my perception about my body.
While watching television and researching the article that I had seen on FOX news here, I have been really questioning the impact these negative statements have on the perception of self. The news really portrayed this issue in a way that evoked so much emotion because of the personal experience so many people, both makes and females have with these negative statements. In this article, It states that these statements can have a serious impact on both a persons body image as well as there mental state.
I can really relate to the ideas presented in this article surrounding body image and the concept of being ‘fat’ as it can really have a detrimental impact on my own mood when I tell myself these things. I end up feeling very stressed out about not fitting into societies perceptions about what is perfect as well as it lowers my self confidence, then effecting my overall mood. I have also being speaking to other people about this issue and it seems that to them also, by saying negative words about body images, it can too have an extremely bad outcome on there body image. Overall, I had never really thought about this in-depth before viewing this article, but it has significantly made me more aware about how the words that come out of or mouth can not only effect the people around us but also ourselves.

What do you think?

Image Source: http://www.my-selfesteem-my-life.com/healthy-body-image.html