Choose Yourself

by Hannah Klomp


Yet again, as I put in the two famous words ‘body image’ into my search engine, I am struck with new articles from today all about body image. Today I was happy to find quite a positive article in the Blacktown Sun Local Newspaper regarding the Butterfly Foundation hosting the ‘Ladies Long Lunch’ at the Sydney Carnival held this weekend.
Karen Gee, a Butterfly Foundation ambassador stated that a “Positive body image is about feeling at home in our bodies, It’s about being confident with what we choose for ourselves, being happy with who we are and resisting pressure to achieve unrealistic and unattainable goals.”
And I absolutely could not agree more! I love this quote.
I was so excited to read this article, it makes me so happy to see the media working in a way that wants to promote a healthy body image and positivity within a women’s self!
(sorry boys you too)..
Haha seriously though, have a read of this article, it’s short and sweet.

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