Hey Apple

by Hannah Klomp

Sorry guys, but this photo is amazing.

The great debate between Mac and PC has really been around since Apple first came out with its new range in computers, like remember that ad and it has the nerdy, looking guy in the suit representing PC arguing with the young, ‘chilled out’ looking guy representing Mac. This debate has been going on for a while, but now its seemingly changed and Apple has a new candidate to argue with. It’s Google’s Android. Yep that’s it, Iphone verses Android.

In 2007, Ipod was released and ever since then when you take a look around, the Iphone seems to be in every bodies hands. I actually was on the bus home from university yesterday and I was surprised to see how many people were with their friends but were still on their phones connecting with whoever else was on the other side. I took this opportunity to count all the Iphone’s I could see, in comparison to how many Android phones (which was released in 2008 for those who did not know!) As a result of my count, the Iphone was still the more popular vote but it was still surprising to see how many people actually did have an Android.

I have an Iphone myself but I was actually unaware of the Android capabilities in which we discussed in the lecture as well as the concept of devices being ‘open’ or ‘closed.’ So what I mean by this, is that the Apple Iphone is a closed platform, which basically means it is protected from the user, disabling users from modifying the Iphone through any kind of coding or ‘rooting.’ This also means that there is a central control being Apple, having all control over apps and music downloaded onto the iphone through the App Store being a wall garden of apps. This overall basically means that Apple has ultimate control over the platform, the content on the platform as well as the user. (Oh and if this is freaking you out, it’s okay cause I felt the same!!) Steve Jobs commented on this aspect of the ‘reinventing the phone’ in this video here.

Google’s Android is then quite different to the Iphone being that it’s an ‘open’ device, being that it is an unlocked system where users can have control and can also use coding or other software to be able to customise the Android, whilst making it user specific. The Android also has the capability of being used on other platforms like the HTC, meaning it is not just controlled by one company, but is controlled by many.


So here we have to two, the Ipod which has the ability to control you, or the Android where you have the ability to control it. Well I have to say that although the Android is becoming more and more popular nowadays as seen in the graph above, I am still quite happy with my Iphone but because of this research and what I had learnt in the lecture, I would definitely consider the Android in my next purchase. What about you? Iphone or Android?


Image Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/smartphone-survey-results-2011-4?op=1