Too skinny?

by Hannah Klomp

For those people living under a rock and have not seen Pirates of the Caribbean and who have never heard of the extremely skinny actress of Kiera Knightley, here is Wikipedia which will give you a slight overview of who she is, and hopefully you may recognize her.

Kiera Knightley has been in the media lately, being seen on the television news aswell as in newspapers and internet sites where she has been talking about her ‘struggle’ with her body image and the way she feels about herself. This article featured in the New Zealand Herald, first lets the audience know about how Knightley is self conscious about her skin and the way she is photographed, like her skin must be pretty bad seeing she is the face of Chanel at the moment but anyway, she is worried about her skin. The article then continues with Kiera sharing her struggles about her body image and how she struggles to go into the pool because she ‘did not want to take anything off.’ We all know who Kiera Knightley is, but did you know she weighs on average about 50kg and is 170cm tall, so in other words she is extremely skinny. In another article, Knightley states that her “movie career is to blame for her body image battle, insisting “seeing your flaws on the screen” fuels her anxiety” (resource here). This quote again seriously emphasizes the influence that media has on the views and opinions of women in society, as well as their impact on those who are ‘well known’ emphasizing the fact that they are not in excluded from the stereotypes about body image.

Knightley has always been associated to eating disorders and anorexia but her mother in 2008 stated here that she is perfectly healthy and has ‘her fathers build.’ This contradicts many stereotypical views that women need to be skinny, as Knightley has always been criticised as being ‘too skinny’ as though women in society can never win and surely this proves it!!
Tell me what you think about this!?

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