Hey Barbie, you’re a little fat.

by Hannah Klomp

As I sit here finishing off my large bowl of chocolate icecream I really feel so silly to be writing this post but here I go writing an addition about body image presented in the media. As I was trying to find out information about the New Apple Ipad, I was always aware about how big of an issue the body and the idea of body image was in the media, but I was shocked to see how many stories I stumbled across that related to body image.

The homepage of ninemsn has a traffic rank in Australia of 15, and therefore it is clear that this site is extremely popular. While scrolling down this page, I was so shocked to see a photo of the famous singer, Rhianna with the word ‘a little fat’ written next to it. (See below)


This made my jaw drop, I could not believe it. I would give you a background on Rihanna about her weight, and what her body looks like but I am taking a guess that everybody knows who she is but if not, check here is the reliable source of Wikipedia to give you a background  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rihanna). This is unbelievable! No wonder young people are so obsessed with the idea of being too ‘fat’, this is seriously horrible, her tiny figure is considered ‘fat.’ Oh and too top it off her father was the one to actually say this, thanks dad!


Image Source:  http://fittodo.com/blog/ViewPostByCat.aspx?id=177