The “Old” New Ipad

by Hannah Klomp

The third Apple Ipad was released last Friday, and many consumers hurried excitedely at the Telstra CBD’s store in Sydney to hopefully become the first to own, what Apple has called the ‘New Ipad’ instead of the predicted Ipad 3. The name change of this third ipad has really made me question the idea of ‘new’, who decides what is considered new? When does something stop being new?

Although the latest product of Apple was only released two days ago on Friday, it is funny to think about how this product would not be considered new or the fact that consumers are wanting more, looking forward to the next Ipad. I read an article ( ) that identified a man who is a great fan of the Ipad predicting what the next Ipad would be like. I mean its only been two days, how can people already be looking forward to the next thing, like the features of the higher tech camera and the HD resolution screen is still not good enough. Like it states in the article, the term new will probably not last all that long and this is because the greediness of customers overpowering people into believing that nothing is quite good enough. So how long will this “New Ipad” really remain new? How long will consumers be happy with this product? When will the New Ipad become the Old New Ipad?

Comment your thoughts? Hopefully its more than two days..

H. x

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