Stop eating these 5 foods.

by Hannah Klomp

Yay! After reading way too many news articles and trying to found an issue in the media that would really grab my attention, I have finally chosen an issue. I know so many will think that this is a very cliché issue to do, and I too was very sceptical in choosing this as my final decision but funny enough I have chosen it, and to conclude I am very satisfied with what I have begun to find.
20120318-210645.jpg   Every single day we are forced to view images,  whether it be on TV, in a magazine or any other media platform of both female and male figures that question how they look, or point out what is seemingly wrong with them because of their body, size or shape. What has really grabbed my attention about body image is that it has seemingly been around for centuries, looking back at the 50s where a curvaceous figure was considered ‘beautiful’ whereas in the 90s, an extreme thin woman became the ideal shape portrayed by the media. With many other issues over millennium, they have all become a thing of the past, where the media has either forgotten about the issues or just moved on to something that was seemingly more entertaining to society. This being said, the issues surrounding body image have not disappeared or become overshadowed but instead are becoming more critical of a phenomenon. So BCM110, I’ve chosen the issue of Body Image within the media, and I will continue to both tweet and follow constantly about articles relating to this topic! Can’t wait!
I’ll be tweeting at!/sixoseven so keep checking !


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