A hit or a miss?

by Hannah Klomp


We have all been bombarded with Apple’ technology, and nowadays every person has been influenced by Apple within their lifestyle, whether it be an iphone, Mac or iPad, we have all been affected by the phenomenon of Apple.
Look around at the moment, or just think about it, how many people have an Apple device that is seemingly connected to them 24/7? I mean, take a look at how many business people have their iPhone on them to communicate while at work, or even in a lecture, take a look at how many people use their iPads rather than a laptop nowadays. It’s incredible and it’s pretty safe to say that Apple is seriously having a significant impact in today’s society, and this aspect has really interested me to investigate the social platform of the Apple IPad.
It’s been two years since the IPad arrived into our hands and ever since has bombarding society like never before. Take for example, the Apple IPad 3 that arrived into Australian waters today. I have been researching this phenomenon a fair bit lately, and by reading this article (http://www.news.com.au/technology/tablets/the-latest-ipad-arrives-in-store-on-friday-and-already-telcos-have-sold-out-of-available-stock/story-fn6vigfp-1226300839814) the iPad is surely a hit!! Also to emphasize this great success, after a 10 hour wait to be one of the first people to own an iPad, people were definitely happy!! What good work! You’ve done it again Apple.. X

Image Source: http://www.smh.com.au/business/designers-enjoying-their-bite-of-apple-20120317-1vcc2.html