More communication, less communicating?

by Hannah Klomp

Whilst beginning to learn more and more about different media types there are nowadays, and the impact that media can have on its audience and the society, I have really been thinking about how there is so many different ways of communication, be it from texting somebody, skype, facebook chat, a simple ‘tweet’ to a face to face genuine, verbal or even non verbal conversation. The growing trend of social media is increasing everyday, for example newspapers beginning to diminish being overthrown by the website, or iphone app of Twitter where people can access tweets from large companies such as 9 news or even social networking taking over the telephone or mail service to be able to create an event with just a free click of a button. So what are all these communication mediums doing to our society, is this increase in communication really a positive aspect, and are they really encouraging people to be communicating?

While researching this topic I have found that networking and technology can cause people to be more consumed with communicating online, rather than that of their immediate microworld, being ‘face to face.’ The word consumed may seem quite harsh but while researching this topic I came across the figure that 40% of people text or use their phone while they are using the bathroom, and this figure was also confirmed in a university lecture where this question was asked and over half of the students raised their hand, so to use to word consumed, I think may be appropriate. Nowadays, a research figure confirmed that 50% of people would prefer to use a social network, or other device to communicate with people rather than having to deal with them face to face. I think personally, the idea of social networking, or a text opposed to speaking with somebody about a particular subject can have a more faster and quicker response time, and therefore allowing a person to quicker manage their time. I also came acros this article which tells that 47% of teens can text with their eyes closed, also having four out of five teens carrying wireless devices on them at all times. Have a think about it, when is there a time when you are completely without technology? To answer this honestly, being an 18 year old girl, there is literally no time when I am completely without either a device of a phone, laptop or anything else. This really shows the impact of technology and how important it is in our lives nowadays. This then brings me back to the idea of more communication, less communicating because with all these devices bombarding our lives, people obviously choose the easier, faster way of communicating which, at the time is of technology and these devices, clearly showing how even though society is still in communication, it is not neccesserally communicating.

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