The Apple IPad

by Hannah Klomp


You have all probably heard of the old, may I say seemingly ‘ancient’ computers and how they have evolved into today’s new Apple Ipad. This transition from the massive computer that once filled a whole room to the Ipad which can fit perfectly into our hands is phenomenal. While researching this progression of computers and the convergence that so many programs and mediums have had, has really surprised me and made me question the existence of the mediums especially that of the Ipad.

By researching these devices, it is quite hard to find the definite first computer ever, but seemingly enough the idea of the computer or ‘the giant brain’ has been in inventors brains since the 1700s although the first ‘freely programmable computer’ was made in 1936 by Konrad Zuse (link here). This date very much shocked me, as this does not seem like all that long ago, to have made such a transition. This computer was about the size of a ‘biggish dinner table’** which is a pretty massive computer. Back to the point, this Z1 computer was very limited to what it could actually do, mainly limited to a reader whereas nowadays the ipad is pretty much able to do EVERYTHING. Seriously I am not sure what else they can converge into this tiny rectangular shape. It is kind of scary to think about this massive convergence, but very interesting quite obviously and as a result this is why I’m choosing the iPad as my media platform for BCM112

I am so excited to be learning more about the idea of convergence and how different media interacts and converges with each other. Bring on the next BCM112 lecture!

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