The world of social networking

by Hannah Klomp

So before I start to have a bit of a ramble, I would like to suggest this reading whilst doing a bit of research on the medium of Facebook and YouTube. Here it is:

Nowadays, we are bombarded, having shoved in our faces to use and join the networking and Internet sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Seemingly enough, everybody has joined the phenomenon of Facebook, it is the new way to meet people, to stay connected, to just see whats happening in the rest of this big world. This article has really just got me thinking about how simple it is to ‘request friendship’ with somebody on the other side of the planet, and who really hides behind the ‘wall of Facebook’, What’s going on?

This article in particular is specifically informing us about the instance of illegal pharmacies exposing young children and targeting them to engage in explicit drugs and other dangers of the Internet world. What really aggregates me is how illegal pharmacies can so easily create a page on Facebook to be able to expose this kind of behaviour to children, do they just ask to be a child’s friend and suddenly they are forced to view these drugs. Isn’t there requirements to open these pages on Facebook, and does Facebook not have a team specifically there to control these explicit happenings (the report abuse button may come in handy!). For an illegal pharmacy to so easily access children’s pages via Facebook and YouTube, it also makes me question the lack of privacy these kids are getting. Their whole identity is able to be seen on these websites, exposed to these strange illegal pharmacies who really nobody knows who are controlling, and these kids are being targeted to what, buy these drugs?! I don’t think so, this is disgusting.